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Finding A Pelvic Health Specialist Can Be Time Consuming And Make You Anxious

Pelvic Physical Therapy - A Specialized Type of Care that Focuses on the Function of Your Pelvic Floor & Related Body Systems

What to Expect:

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    A pelvic health evaluation will evaluate the strength and mobility of your muscular system globally and specifically to your pelvic floor, based on your comfort level and symptoms.
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    Our pelvic floor therapists have extensive training in internal pelvic floor exams and unlike gynecological exams, do not use a speculum.
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    Your therapist will always strive to provide the least invasive evaluations and treatments of the pelvic floor as always assessments & treatments will be guided by patient comfort level.

Meet Your Pelvic Health
Physical Therapist

Alissa Lanahan, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT

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Our Success Stories

Within 3 months my pain is gone completely and I feel great. This is a fantastic alternative to surgery, recovery and the months of rehab that would have followed. I am very grateful to everyone at ProCare. It made a huge difference for me.

It was here at ProCare where they were able to see the problem with no difficulty. Better yet, they were able to get rid of the problem within a week. I want to thank everyone here at ProCare for doing an excellent job at helping me.

They have great expertise in their field and are very compassionate people. I came from Cape May a second time because they are so great. Everyone from the PTs to the secretary and aides.

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    Our Philosophy Of Care

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      • Accessibility

        It is important to us that our patients are able to get in for their first visit quickly. Once you become our patient, you will also have easy access to us on an ongoing basis for questions and concerns. Alissa Lanahan personally does all of the callbacks and emails to her patients.

      • Consent

        We believe that our patients need and deserve to feel safe and supported during intimate examinations. We hold ourselves to very high standards of communication, respect, and informed consent. We utilize an evidence-based approach to pelvic care that includes trauma-informed language, shared decision-making, clear communication of consent, and gentle exam techniques for every person and every exam.

      • Evidence Based Care

        We are passionate about closing the gaps in knowledge about women's medicine, especially midlife and menopause care. Our approach to care is thoroughly based on research and expertise. As a privately-owned practice, we take the time to stay current with scientific research and publications by our colleagues in the overlapping specialties of gynecology, midwifery, sexual medicine, physical therapy, psychology, urology, and nursing.

      • Thoroughness

        We spend over an hour with you during the first visit. This is in addition to the intake forms that you fill out prior to our visit together. This allows the time needed to obtain a thorough history and for a detailed physical exam. We utilize a specialized examination method called vulvoscopy that allows for a much more specific diagnosis of pelvic pain than traditional exam methods.

      • Education

        We understand that you need time to have all your questions answered and all of your concerns about your diagnosis and treatment addressed. In addition to what is discussed during your visits, you can attend an online course taught by Jill, or visit our resources page, Facebook page, and Instagram, for links to specific publications, books, and online resources.

      • Collaboration

        We know that our patients with more complex conditions will benefit the most when we take a team approach to healing. We often collaborate with and refer to physical therapists, psychologists, sex therapists, gynecologists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, bodyworkers, and massage therapists.